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Welcome Back!

Sometimes computer hard drives fail - that happened to us & this site. But we are back and strongly suggest a 2 word mantra - back up - to two sources!! Thank you for your patience! The Contacts & basics have been updated - more to come.

Region 13 includes the states of Arkansas and Louisiana. Check out the website, event information, growing tips, contacts to local club and our historical archives page. We hope you will visit often and enjoy your garden.

Annual Meeting:
Alexandria, LA
Host: CENLA Daylily Society
Was a terrific meeting and Congratulations to Cenla on Hosting another fine meeting.
Watch the ARKLA for more details.


We also encourage you to visit the National's web page and join The American Hemerocallis Society. Enjoy the publications and events that membership offers.

About Us

Region 13 has lost some fine members in the last year. Our hope is to post updates here in near future. Thank you.

Regional History & Archives Region 13 of The American Hemerocallis/Daylily Society is for gardeners and those who love flowers, especially in Arkansas and Louisiana.

Persons growing and interested in daylilies are encouraged to join The American Hemerocallis Society and enjoy the publications and events that membership offers.

Also if you live in Louisiana or Arkansas, you become a member of Region 13 and will receive the Regional newsletter, The Arkla Daylily when published. No additional regional dues apply. We hope you will visit and enjoy our gardens and website.


2008 AHS Lenington Award winner
Hemerocallis 'King Kahuna' hybridized by Clarence J. Crochet of Prairieville, Louisiana. This prestigious award was presented to Mr. Crochet at the Florida AHS National Convention on May 23, 2009. Congratulations!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are daylilies high maintenance?

A: They are relatively easy maintenance. Modern daylilies are a descendant of an ancient Far Eastern wildflower. They live more than one season and as such are labeled as perennials. With good soil, regular water, moderate care & feeding, in 6-8 hours of sunlight, they will grow and bloom well in a home garden for many years.

No plant is truly low or no maintenance. Consider running away from anyone who says theirs is. With a good spring "start up routine" and one again in fall to set the plants for winter, few plants can give you the long season of terrific blooms that daylilies can give with new blooms each morning. See our Daylily Growing Tips for more on how to have this great perennial put on a show in your garden.

Additional Terrific Resources

Check out "daylily" on your favorite web search engine then hang on and have fun.

See our Links page for more gardening with daylilies articles, hybridizing and growing daylilies..

Q: Where do I get good daylilies?

A: First, do your homework and read up on daylilies - especially from your area. Good daylilies are available in many ways these days.

---Visiting a local grower is one of the best and most satisfactory ways to obtain good daylilies. Visit during bloom season and select the actual plants you wish to purchase. Depending on the garden, they may dig your selected cultivar right then and you take it home to your garden. The plants rarely miss a beat when replanted so quickly. And you have a close source for growing information and questions.

--- Often a neighbor or friend who has daylilies will share to help get you started. But be warned, collecting these lovely blooms can be habit forming & fun.

---Local plant club sales are another way to obtain good daylilies and information. Visit a plant sale of a local daylily club or a Regional meeting. These plants can be sold potted or bare rooted and are often from the local area so you have some assurance they should thrive in your garden.

---Many daylily growers have a retail site on the World Wide Web. Look for a grower in your area to be assured your selection is better suited to your climate conditions. And no, plants do not adapt except over many generations so invest in proven cultivars.

---Local reputable garden centers and nurseries may be a source of good basic daylilies and soil amendments. Ask lots of questions and be gentle, for they have lots of plants to learn and sell while we focus on just one - our favorite.


Websites of value and interest.



AHS announces new Director for Region 13 -Ms. Pat Soileau. She has accepted the position on the AHS Board of Directors to serve out the remainder of term of Ken Begnaud who is retiring due to work obligations.

Well Done! Baton Rouge on hosting the 2019 National Convention!

Some past Issues of The Arkla Daylily may now be seen on this web site. Click on the issue as listed for a full color screen copy complete with all the photos. Other issues will be added as the webmaster's time allows.

Hemerocallis 'King Kahuna' by Clarence Crochet wins the 2008 Lenington All American Award. Since 1970, The Lenington All-American Award is given annually to the daylily voted the best performer over a wide geographic area. AHS Awards & Honors page

Emma Middlebrooks Award won by seedling from Tim Tassin of St. Amant, LA.

New Club in Northeast Arkansas.
Gail Rasberry has formed of a new daylily club in NE Arkansas. Her contact information may be found on the Contact Page of this site. Check it out!

RVP re-elected and with new titles.
Joe Goudeau was nominated and elected as Regional Vice President in May 2008 at the Region 13 Business meeting. On or about July 1, 2008 AHS changed the title of RVP to Regional President.

---Joe added Newsletter Editor to his task list. He is now the contact and editor for all articles and contributions to the Regional newsletter, The Arkla Daylily. Appointments at Regional officer level.

Joe also made the following appointments to his officer team:

--Earlene Garber has accepted the appointment as Regional Parliamentarian.

--David Wilson of Sun, LA has accepted the appointment as Regional Archivist. Regional newsletter to change. At the request of Joe Goudeau, Regional President & Editor; a motion was presented by Ken Begnaud, RPD at the May 2008 Regional Business meeting . The motion was voted, passed and it means the Region 13 newsletter may now be published as a summer color printed issue while other issues during a year may be an editor self-produced, in black and white. Financial concerns were sited as the reason for this action.

AHS awards Nick Walker the 2020 Christine Erin Stamile Youth Award

From Joe Goudeau, RP: "I would like to congratulate our very own Nicholas Walker a member of the Ark – La - Tex Study Club. He was the recipient of the 2010 Christine Erin Stamile Award. I am afforded the opportunity to visit with him anytime I attend an Ark-La-Tex meeting and I can assure you Nicholas is one special young man. "

"The Christine Erin Stamile Youth Award was initiated in 1996 by Grace and Patrick Stamile to honor the memory of their daughter Christine. Applicants must be current youth members and must have held AHS membership for at least two consecutive calendar years prior to receiving the award. The winner is awarded a life membership in the AHS."

"Join with me in congratulating Nicholas for this prestigious award."

According to the minutes of the Regional business meeting, "Kevin Walek, AHS President, stated that each region must be incorporated in order to comply with 501(c) IRS requirements. AHS will provided a standard set of by laws and will incorporate all the Regions by year end." Discussion ensued. According to the minutes of the business meeting, "the by-laws will be published in the Regional newsletter." New information will appear on this News page as we get it and later will be moved to the main web site areas if appropriate. If you have a "hot topic" or information updates, please let the webmaster know.